Please select a service to book a Psychotherapy or Consultation session with Jenevieve.

JOY Collective, 2800 Folsom Street, Boulder, Colorado 80304

[typically i offer a 20-30min complimentary sessions for new clients; however, I’m not accepting new client at this time.]

50-60 min Session

for established individual or couples

(1 hour)
$ 125.00

80-90 min Session

for established individuals or couples

(1 hour and 30 minutes)
$ 155.00

Healing Birth Processing Session

[for individuals or couples processing birthing experiences]

(2 hours)
$ 210.00

Survivor Consultation Session

[for individuals or couples processing past trauma to support pregnancy, birthing and postnatal]

(2 hours)
$ 210.00

Professional Discussions

for professionals

(30 minutes)